What is CalBal®


Bioactive zeolite that when fed in a well-balanced diet the last 2-3 weeks of gestation will improve calcium status of early lactation dairy cows.


Studies have shown that as many as 50% of fresh multiparous cows experience subclinical hypocalcemia.


Furthermore, studies have also shown that cows experiencing chronic subclinical hypocalcemia produce less milk, lower fertility rates which lead to greater odds of involuntarily culling.

Mode of Action


CalBal is designed to specifically exchange its Sodium with Calcium to trigger PTH, while simultaneously reducing P to levels consistently proven to correlate with reduced SCH/milk fever.

What makes CalBal® especially unique?


CalBal has a highly concentrated active ingredient inclusion which translates into lower feeding rates, freeing up the nutritionist to incorporate other essential nutrients.


CalBal is consistent in particle size


It is also significantly easier to blend without self-separation